Keep Seattle Livable For All

Who We Are

Keep Seattle Livable For All is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations actively opposing new taxes on everyday items like juice drinks, diet beverages, sodas, teas, sports drinks and ready-to-drink coffee beverages. We’re taking a stand because Seattle citizens can’t afford to pay even more at grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants. Nor can our businesses afford customers leaving the city to buy elsewhere.

Over 150 Seattle Small Businesses Form New Coalition Against the Beverage Tax

Amber Bennett, Owner of Freshy’s
Chris Choi, Owner of Shell
James Dillon, Owner of The Swinery
Muzit Evans, Owner of Fish & Chips To-Go
Navdeep Gill, Owner of 7-Eleven
Bhim Gollen, Owner of Super 24
Heidi Herr, Owner of Bird on a Wire
Young H Kim, Owner of Pepperdock Burger
Sae Jin Lee, Owner of Sea Mart
Byung Chan Lee, Owner of Gas Co
Sydney Lochlear, Owner of Alki Beach Pub
Cornia Luckenbock, Owner of Admiral Birder
Christy Moon, Owner of Wanna Teriyaki & Burger
Robert Moore, Owner of Morning Star Mini-Mart
Linda Nasatka, Owner of Lee’s Produce
Jazmine Norman, Owner of Boss Drive-In
Charles Olsen, Owner of Blue Moon Burger
Ngoc Loan Pham, Owner of Ad Mart
Alex Piano, Owner of Hawk’s Nest West
Karen Queley, Owner of Chevron
Eugene Suh, Owner of South Park Food Mart
Siu Ting, Owner of Lucky 5
Marisa Tonji, Owner of Ampersand
Jenifer Watkins, Owner of The Dutchboy Coffee
Cheala Wilson, Owner of Cowgirls Espresso
Angel Bauttusta, Owner of El Chapulin Oaxaqueno
Sunny Singh, Owner of 7-Eleven
Robert Brombila, Taquiero El Antojo
Jenero Aguilar, Owner of Tienda Pueblito
Gemere Amare, Owner of Victory Mart
Mohammad Barre, Owner of Shiil Grocery
Channa Chiu, Owner of Airport Way Market
Abdinsin Dur, Owner of Maka Mini-Mart
Mestin Ghebrear, Owner of Lucky One Food Store
Farah Ishmail, Owner of Banana Grill
Sue Kim, Owner of By’s Drive-In
Sarbjit Lehal, Owner of 76
Juan Mantiel, Owner of Monti’s Grill
Marisol Mayara, Owner of Aborrotel Oaxaqueno
Ali Muftah, Owner of Walabbu Market
Yung No, Owner of MC Foods
Kham Nouane, Owner of Chandala Thai Restaurant
Mohammad Omar, Owner of Mastro Coffee & Grocery
Hinda Omar, Owner of Amin Grocery
Allan Philllips, Owner of Carleton Avenue Grocery
Omar Santacruz, Owner of La Esperanza De Seattle
Elena Sarmiento, Owner of El Quetzal
Charles Sim, Owner of Hefty’s Hamburgers & Shakes
Gurdev Sing, Owner of 76
Tina Smith, Owner of AMPM
Tess Thomas, Emma’s BBQ
Javier Torres, Mi Ranchito
Willie Turner, Willie’s Taste of Soul BBQ
Dabal, Owner of Dabal Market
Dee Lano, Owner of Ethiopian Market
Thach Nguyen, Owner of Seattle Deli
Thanh-Nga T. Nguyen, Owner of Ch Mingh Tofu & Vegan Deli
Testnicheel Binyam, Owner of Quick Pack
Jennifer Calozzi, Owner of Italian Family Pizza
Sung Cho Lee, Owner of Parnell’s Mini-Mart
Karen Hofman, Owner of Madison Park Bakery
Duong Hung, Owner of Tan Dinh Deli
Jung Jae Hur, Owner of Teriyaki & Wok
Han Jin Choi, Owner of Seven Star Mini-Mart
Eui Kim, Owner of J’s Quick Shop
Sean McAteer, Owner of Hillside Bar
Abraham McKoy, Owner of King of the Hill
Josh Olsen, Owner of Quarters
Lex Petras, Owner of The Atlantic
Cesar Santangelo, Owner of Arosa Café
Theresa Sindelor, Owner of Rocket Fizz
Laurence Stusser, Plaza Select Foods
Thanh Thi Le, Owner of Pho Siagon
Thana Tran-Huh, Owner of Yoshino Teriyaki
Wael Zeidan, Owner of Zaki Mediterranean Grill
Colleen Stevens, Owner of Bills Off Broadway
Cyrus Fiozi, Owner of Shell
David Nelson, Owner of Hot Mama’s Pizza
Eileen Choi, Owner of 76
German Arias, Owner of El Farol Mexican Restaurant
Marco, Owner of City Market
Hung Duong, Owner of Tan Dinh Deli
Hyong Yun Kim, Owner of Pine Food Store
Jongchul Kim, Owner of Summit Foods
Julian Hagard, Owner of Harry’s Fine Foods
Juang Wan Yang, Owner of Mont’s Market
Michael Abraha, Owner of Howell Street Grocery
Ali Saad, Owner of 99 Cents Plus Store
Saras Nair, Owner of South Sea Grocery
Umed Laghars, Owner of Moti Mahal
Jlaxin Wang, Owner of Marination Station
Joo Hwan Lee, Owner of Moli Bento
Thanh Le, Owner of Bamboo Restaurant
Alex Elliot, Owner of Seattle Salads
Purk Apichatpichien, Owner of Greenwood Thia Restaurant
Lina Awar, Owner of Grill Express
Michael Belay, Owner of 7-Eleven
Manjit Bheubfit, Owner of Good Guys Pizza
Jorge Castellanos, Owner of Tropicos Breeze
Yue Rong Chen, Owner of Mandarin Gate
Chun Cho, Owner of Sunny Teriyaki
Mari Dimitrov, Owner of Amante Pizza & Pasta
Kataya Evtimova, Owner of Luciano’s Pizza & Pasta
David Fu, Owner of Snappy Dragon
Gregory Ginchman, Owner of European Foods
Husik Harutyunyan, Owner of Z Food Mart
John Hong, Owner of Tobacco Street
Jay Hosn, Owner of Goodies Mediterranean Market
Mohammed Ibkar Hussain, Owner of Smoke Plus
Lora Ivanova, Owner of Soprano’s Pizza Lake City
Vanessa Jones, Tub’s Gourmet Subs
Rani Josan, Owner of 76
Mike Kee, Owner of HT Oaktree Market
Seunghee Kim, Owner of Vape Smoke Beer – Town Market
Kon Lee, Owner of Teriyaki Plus
Jong Seol Lee, Owner of City Smoke
Joe Lim, Owner of Aurora Donuts
Soon Malsch, Owner of Dan’s Deli Mart
Mike McCauley, Owner of Breakfast Club
Robert Morris, Owner of Burgermaster Aurora
Omar Napier, Owner of Namfon Thai Cuisine
Xavier Natallanni, Owner of Uncle Mike’s Barbecue & Cuisine
Mason Reed Nostrom, Owner of Tim’s Tavern
Eakpoj Opilun, Owner of Pop Pop Thai Street Food
Mijung Servito, Owner of Teriyaki Time
Alganasm Tesfashase, Owner of EZ Smoke & Market
Enana Tesfaye, Owner of Hamdi Market
Pete Thav, Owner of Family Donut
Cong Wang, Owner of Yummy Space
Sean Yi, Owner of K-Smoke Mart
Lixiun Zheng, Owner of Qian Noodle
Mansour Ezadpanah, Owner of Pakistani Indian Grocery
Brian Blake, Owner of Special Occasions Catering
Hea Soon Chung, Owner of Haller Lake Market Valero
Kancho Kanev, Owner of Romio’s Pizza & Pasta
Kendy Kho, Owner of Rain Café
Mario Guillen, Owner of Tiko Riko
Martin Garcia, Owner of Jalisco Restaurant
Rani Josan, Owner of 76
Reiko Rangel, Owner of Aloha Ramen Japanese Noodle
Robert Enloe, Owner of Bob’s Liquor
Robert Paulsen, Owner of Wedgewood Ale House & Café
Sanjay Sharma, Owner of Masala of India Cuisine
Siwei Guo, Owner Style Hot Pot
Somjai Paksangkanay, Owner of Chada Thai Restaurant
William Chin, Owner of Patty’s Eggnest
Yohannas Zewaldi, Morning Side Grocery
Yue Rong Chen, Mandarin Gate
Mariela Fletcher, Owner of Manila Manila
Robert Bisordi, Owner of Natural Wave Beverages
Jenifer Cue, Owner of Jones Soda


Our Community Partners

The Washington Association of Neighborhood Stores
Lewis Rudd, Ezell’s Chicken
Korean Grocers Association

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