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Reader opinions bubble over on Seattle’s proposed soda tax
Seattle Times | May 21, 2017
Lost freedom was a common theme among readers who disagreed with Thursday’s column in which I supported Seattle’s consideration of a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks.

Flat Soda in Seattle
Inside Sources | May 18, 2017
Never happy leaving people alone, the busybullies are at it again, using the force of government to change people’s behavior. You know, for their own good.

Seattle considers soda tax
Real Change News | May 10th, 2017
The tax would hit distributors that work in the city, a fact that raised vocal opposition from the Teamsters Union, which transports such beverages into Seattle.

A $90 case of flavor syrups for coffee could be taxed $63 under mayor's proposal
Puget Sound Business Journal | May 5, 2017
The mayor's proposed sugary-drink tax is directed at the distributor level, but if the distributor decided not to take the hit to its bottom line, it would pass the cost on to the retailer.

Proposed beverage tax harmful to small businesses, minority communities
NW Asian Weekly | May 5, 2017
For over two decades, the Korean American Grocers’ Association (KAGRO) and the countless local grocers that it supports have been a part of the Seattle community. As small businesses already struggling with an excessive amount of taxes, fees, and regulations, we are deeply concerned about Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed tax on beverages, and the harmful consequences it will undoubtedly have on Seattle’s working class.

Seattle mayor tweaks soda tax proposal, adds diet drinks
KIRO 7 | April 27, 2017
Since making the proposal, more than 100 businesses have responded, saying it would negatively impact sales.

Seattle soda tax: I’ll shop elsewhere
The Seattle Times | April 7, 2017
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants a soda tax. If I have to pay a soda tax, and if I am planning to buy a quantity of soda, I will go to Renton or Shoreline or Bellevue, wherever doesn’t have a tax.

What happened when Congress decided to tax all soda
The Washington Post | April 6, 2017
Contrary to the claims of advocates, America's first soda tax was not a success. Soda taxes are much in the news of late, as lawmakers from Washington state to West Virginia debate the newly popular policy tool as a means of ramping up revenue and cutting soda consumption.

Concerned business owners urge Seattle mayor to rethink soda tax | April 5, 2017
More than 150 small business owners in Seattle sent a letter to the Mayor of Seattle asking him to reconsider his soda tax.

Small businesses protest Seattle mayor's plan for tax on sugary sodas
The Seattle Times | April 5. 2017
More than 150 small-business owners are calling on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to reconsider his plan for a soda tax, while a group backing the tax has enlisted heavy hitters with health-care and community-organizing expertise to rally support.

Should Seattle tax sugary drinks? Here’s what the health research says — and doesn’t say
The Seattle Times | March 13, 2017
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants a tax on sodas and other sugary drinks, in part to reduce consumption and improve health.

Soda Taxes Raise New Questions in Philly, Seattle
The Food Institute Blog | February 23, 2017
When it comes to regulatory issues in the food industry (and outside it, for that matter), it is almost impossible to please everyone. It becomes particularly complicated when the health and well-being of consumers is involved, such as in GMO labeling, removal of artificial flavors and colors, etc. That is what makes implementing sugary drink taxes and warnings so difficult.

Starbucks may have a loophole in Seattle mayor's sugary drink tax proposal
Puget Sound Business Journal | February 22, 2017
During his State of the City address, Mayor Ed Murray said he will be proposing to the City Council a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Murray expects the new tax, if approved, to raise $16 million per year to fund educational and health programs for students of color.

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