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Seattle’s soda tax scam already a huge failure
My Northwest | July 10, 2018
It only took three months to reveal Seattle’s soda tax as a monumental failure.

Jesse Jones sifts through confusion surrounding Seattle’s Sugary Drink Tax
KIRO7 | March 13, 2018
Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax went into effect at the beginning of 2018, and consumers are noticing the extra cost. We know the addition of 1.75 cents per fluid ounce is hitting soda drinkers, but Jesse Jones learned it could dig into everyone’s wallet.

The bottled water tax is regressive, and solutions meant to help low-income people are fairly unknown.
Real Change | March 7, 2018
In August of 2017, the price of bottled water across the state of Washington went up.

One Year Later, Micro Business Owners Weigh Impact of Sugar Tax
South Seattle Emerald | February 27, 2018
South End and Central District community members and small business owners gathered Monday to discuss their personal experiences with Seattle’s so-called “soda tax.”

‘Keep Seattle Livable For All’ Gives Seattleites A Voice On ‘Soda’ Tax
Fremocentrist | February 23, 2018
On January 1st, 2018, a tax went into effect, in the City of Seattle, that few people knew about but will affect nearly everyone. The ‘Sweetened Beverage Tax’ passed the Seattle City Council in the summer of 2017, with little notice or public discussion.

Business owners on city’s border say they’re suffering the most from the Sugar Tax
Westside Seattle | February 1, 2018
Area business owners are convinced that the sugar tax is having an unintended consequence: hurting the small shops that operate on the border of Seattle’s city limits.

Seattleites making a run to the border for … Coke?
Seattle Times | January 31, 2018
Ahmed Mohamed’s shop in the farthest reaches of West Seattle is so small you can easily miss it. But he’s nevertheless Ground Zero for Seattle’s latest economic experiment.

The effects of Seattle’s soda tax are finally being realized — and business leaders are furious
The Blaze | January 27, 2018
The absurdity of Seattle’s new sugary drink tax was exposed earlier this month when adjusted Costco price labels made headlines nationwide. Thanks to the 1.75 cents per ounce tax, a 36-pack of soda at a Seattle Costco rose in price by 75 percent, while a 35-pack of gatorade raised by similar levels.

Small Businesses Aren’t Too Sweet on New Beverage Tax
Seattle Weekly | January 26, 2018
A Pizza Mart is a labor of love for Jagajit Singh Samra and his wife. In the 20 years that they’ve owned and operated the West Seattle small business, they’ve rarely taken time off, regularly work 12 hour days, and still barely make ends meet.

Pizza shop owner says Seattle's soda tax is costing him business
KIRO 7 | January 26, 2018
It hasn't been a full month since Seattle implemented its soda and sugary beverages tax, and one Seattle business owner has said that the tax is costing him his business. Businesses and consumers saw sticker shock immediately when the tax went into effect in early January.

Seattle soda tax costing businesses money, owners say
KING 5 | January 26, 2018
Seattle business owners expressed their concerns Friday about the city's recently-implemented tax on sugary drinks. "With the tax four weeks old, our fears are being realized. We call on the city council to address the needs of the community and workers and address this tax," said Peter Lam of Teamsters Local 174.

Seattle Spectator | January 25, 2018
We all reach for a fizzy drink every now and then. So will the new soda tax pop your bubble and make you think twice before you buy?

Soda tax: A bad way to try changing habits
The News Tribune | January 23, 2018
Is it required that being elected to a public office dictates you forgo common sense? I’ve read that several legislators in Olympia now want to emulate Seattle with a statewide 2-cent per ounce tax on soda pop. This is supposedly to fight obesity.

Price of pop from Capitol Hill’s Mystery Soda Machine hits $1.00
Capitol Hill Seattle | January 18, 2018
The latest bump in price for the E John vending machine comes along with Seattle’s new soda tax — 1.75 pennies for every ounce of sugary drinks purchased.

EDITORIAL: More Seattle business owners fight back against the regulatory state
Las Vegas Review Journal | January 18, 2018
Last week, we noted how Costco stores in Seattle refused to play along when local Nanny Staters imposed a massive new tax on soda. The retailer explicitly began itemizing the new levy on its price tags, ensuring that consumers were fully informed regarding the soaring cost of their favorite sugary beverages.

Letter to the Editor: Soda tax: Impact on cancer patient
Seattle Times | January 17, 2018
I hope Seattle City Council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan will read this letter and think about a person they love with all their heart.

Seattle Residents Will Outsmart Its Soda Tax
Economics 21 | January 17, 2018
Seattle recently became the latest major city to enact a sweetened beverage tax. In response to the new levy, some retailers have calculated how much of the price is due to the tax, and customers are reeling from sticker shock.

Seattle Costco tells Gatorade drinkers how to avoid city's soda tax
Fox News | January 15, 2018
"That new soda tax in Seattle is working out about as well as Chicago's," proclaims a headline at Hot Air. It's not a compliment. The tax, which went into effect Jan. 1, slaps an additional 1.75 cents on each fluid ounce of sugar-sweetened drinks, a group that includes soda, sports drinks and kombucha.

Soda Tax Sticker Shock Grips Seattle
PJ Media | January 15, 2018
On January 1, Seattle had several new progressive laws go into effect. Along with mandatory paid sick leave, mandates for employers to post work schedules 14 days in advance, and severe restrictions on short-term rental platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.), Seattle imposed a massive new soda tax — 1.75 cents per OUNCE on sugary drinks.

After Seattle soda tax, Costco says case of Gatorade costs $26.33 instead of $15.99
Market Watch | January 11, 2018
Costco has adopted a novel way to show its objection to a new soda tax in Seattle: It’s telling customers just how much the tax will cost and encouraging them to buy soft drinks outside the city.

Seattle's soda tax experiment is doomed to failure
Washington Examiner | January 10, 2018
Seattle's press is abuzz with stories of sticker shock after residents headed to the grocery stores Jan. 1 and found the price of soda had skyrocketed thanks to the city's tax on sweetened beverages.

Seattle Residents Jolted By New Sugar Tax
Seattle Patch | January 7, 2018
Seattle shoppers took it to social media last week to express their shock over the new soda tax. The tax, which went into effect in the new year, adds 1.75 cents per ounce to the price of any drink with added sugar, with some exceptions.

Costco price labels perfectly expose the absurdity of Seattle’s new sugary drink tax
The Blaze | January 6, 2018
To ring in the new year, Seattle implemented a new tax on its residents: the dreaded sugary drink tax. Now, we know just how much the tax will hurt consumers.

Oof. Seattle Sugar Tax Raises Soda Prices by 75 Percent
Ricochet | January 5, 2018
Seattle residents started the new year with a bad case of sticker shock followed by a sugar crash. A new tax of 1.75 cents per ounce was added to all sweetened beverages sold in the city.

Costco suggests shoppers go to Tukwila to avoid Seattle’s sugary drinks tax
Seattle Times | January 5, 2018
Costco Wholesale has some alternatives at the ready if shoppers feel sticker shock from Seattle’s new tax on sugary beverages. Essentially, consider shopping outside Seattle.

Seattle's new soda tax prices making some shoppers' eyes 'pop'
KOMO | January 5, 2018
The City of Seattle's new soda tax is causing sticker shock for some shoppers. Many stores have signs posted showing you exactly how much you now have to pay. A regular can of soda is now an extra 21 cents; a 20 ounce bottle costs an extra 35 cents. If you're buying a whole case, it's going to cost you an extra $7 or so.

Sticker shock over Seattle's new sugary drink tax
KIRO7 | January 5, 2019
People are feeling sticker shock over Seattle’s sugary drink tax. You might’ve seen a picture circulating on social media that shows a more than $10 tax on a $15.99 case of Gatorade at Costco. On Friday, shoppers were taking their own pictures, stunned by the new prices.

Small businesses navigate Seattle's sugary drink tax
KING 5 Seattle | January 2, 2018
This new year means the first day of a new tax for those who love soda and sugary drinks in Seattle. Distributors will pay 1.75 cents extra per ounce on soda and sugary drinks, but there's no doubt customers will end up paying the price.

New year, new tax: Seattle starts taxing sweetened drinks
KOMO Seattle | January 1, 2018
Overnight, soda and sugary drinks just got a little pricier across Seattle. Distributors will now be taxed 1.75/fluid ounce on all sugary drinks sold across the city. Consumers will feel the burden at convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants.

Prices going up for sugary drinks as Seattle tax kicks in
The Seattle Times | December 31, 2017
Seattle is turning soda pop into strawberries, tomatoes and salad greens. But the alchemy comes at a price — a tax that starts Monday on the distribution of sweetened beverages.

Behind Seattle’s government spending spree: a deluge of taxes, six-figure pay and officials eager to do more
The Seattle Times | December 21, 2017
Thursday’s Seattle Times article Behind Seattle’s government spending spree: a deluge of taxes, six-figure pay and officials eager to do more, captures an alarming trend of Seattle government spending gone wild. The simple question is this – why do we need beverage tax that is both excessive and regressive? This tax hurts people who live paycheck to paycheck in Seattle, people who are having a hard enough time coping with the rising costs of the city. The tax goes after our neighborhood businesses by sending customers outside the city for untaxed beverages. Say no to the tax and yes to a more livable Seattle.

Coalition sour over sweetened beverage tax
Capitol Hill Times | December 20, 2017
Backed by the American Beverage Association, the Keep Seattle Livable for All coalition is leading an opposition campaign for a tax on sweetened beverages that will take effect in the city on Jan. 1.

Why doesn’t Seattle manage the money it already has?
Crosscut | June 15, 2017
Without getting into a debate about whether diet sodas, syrups in coffee drinks and hipster sodas like Jones should be exempted, one has to marvel at the constant, eager push by the Seattle City Council to pass new taxes and regulations.

Sugar tax: 'Narrowly focused'
Seattle Times | June 12, 2017
Why would our progressive Seattle mayor and city council pass another regressive tax?

Seattle's soda tax falls flat
Seattle Times | June 12, 2017
Seattle officials are flirting with pushing taxpayers to a breaking point, at which they will reject taxes regardless of the merit.

The Troubling Soda-Tax Trend
National Review | June 12, 2017
Seattle joins the list of cities trying to control people’s behavior through sin taxes — and killing jobs in the process.

So, Are Lattes Included In the Soda Tax, or Not? It’s Still Unclear
Seattle Weekly | June 7, 2017
The bill was rushed through council to head-off a possible ballot challenge.

Jones Soda: We’d be better off in Canada than Seattle
My Northwest | June 7, 2017
Jones Soda Company left Vancouver B.C. in 2000 to set up shop in Seattle, but the city’s recently-passed soda tax has the company considering its place in town.

Seattle Passes Regressive Soda Tax
Reason | June 6, 2017
Seattle's city council passed a new soda tax yesterday over the loud opposition of local business owners, teamsters, and other citizens. At 1.75 cents per ounce—that $2.52 per 12-pack—the new rate will be eight times higher than the levy on beer.

Seattle Passes Massive ‘Job-Killing’ Tax On Sugary Drinks
Daily Caller | June 6, 2017
Officials in Seattle passed the second largest Soda Tax in the U.S. Monday in an effort to close “the food security gap” and dissuade residents from buying sugary drinks.

The Truth About Seattle's Proposed Soda Tax and its Ilk
Reason | June 3, 2017
Seattle lawmakers are expected to vote early next week on a citywide soda tax that would add more than $2.50 to the cost of a twelve-pack of soda. The tax would undoubtedly drive consumers—at least those Seattle residents with cars and Costco memberships, including me—to buy more groceries in the city's suburbs.

Will Seattle’s Soda Tax End up Taxing Coffee?
Tax Foundation | June 2, 2017
Soda taxes are highly regressive and volatile sources of revenue, but policymakers should also be wary of how complex these proposals are to implement, as Seattle is finding out firsthand.

Is Seattle’s proposed soda tax also a tax on sugary lattes?
Seattle Times | June 2, 2017
Though the City Council is expected to take a final vote Monday, there are still doubts about how exactly the tax might affect made-to-order coffee drinks...

Seattle Is The Next City That Wants To Control What People Drink
Daily Caller | June 1, 2017
Business owners are lashing out at Seattle officials over a proposed tax on sugary beverages that local union leaders warn will “create deep economic insecurities.”

Rantz: Ridiculous soda tax is designed to fail
MyNorthwest | June 1, 2017
The purposed legislation to tax sugary drinks in Seattle is designed to fail, and nearly everyone involved looks clueless.

Diet drinks excluded as Seattle soda-tax moves toward final City Council vote
Seattle Times | May 31, 2017
Seattle City Council members moved a proposed soda tax Wednesday toward a final vote — and amended it to exclude diet drinks. Mayor Ed Murray sent legislation to the council in April calling for a tax of 1.75 cents per ounce on distributors of sweetened beverages, including sugary and diet soft drinks, among others.

Seattle considers tax on Sweetened Beverages
KGMI Newstalk Seattle | May 30, 2017
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s proposal to tax sweetened beverages won’t go to a vote of the city council this week as planned. It’s still stuck in committee, as council members consider whether to join six other American cities in taxing sugar-filled drinks.

Editor's Notebook: Soda tax punishes both business owners and poor families
Puget Sound Business Journal | May 26, 2016
PSBJ Editor in Chief Emily Parkhurst takes on the proposed soda tax, which would add a tax of 1.75 cents per ounce on sweetened drinks (including diet drinks) to fund the city's Education Action Plan.

Spokane City Council shoots down speculation on ‘soda tax’ to pay for police
The Spokesman-Review | May 23, 2015
The Spokane City Council is not imposing, or asking voters to impose, a tax on sugary drinks. That’s the message to owners of restaurants and other small businesses contained in a letter the full panel agreed to Monday, which several lawmakers said should put to rest the false impression they were proposing the tax to pay for police.

Spokane City Council Not Pursuing a Beverage Tax
Spokane City Council | May 22, 2017
Although Seattle's Mayor is proposing a beverage tax to the Seattle City Council, that is not the case in Spokane.

The Hypocrisy of Taxing Sugar in Sugartown
Seattle Mag | May 22, 2017
Second, it’s grossly unfair. Some say it’s racist. Some say it targets low-income communities. Some say it could damage mom and pop restaurants and stores, as well as local craft pop manufacturers

Reader opinions bubble over on Seattle’s proposed soda tax
Seattle Times | May 21, 2017
Lost freedom was a common theme among readers who disagreed with Thursday’s column in which I supported Seattle’s consideration of a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks.

Flat Soda in Seattle
Inside Sources | May 18, 2017
Never happy leaving people alone, the busybullies are at it again, using the force of government to change people’s behavior. You know, for their own good.

Seattle proposes to tax soda 8 times higher than beer
Washington Policy Center | May 11, 2017
An income tax isn't the only controversy on Seattle's current agenda. Outgoing Seattle Mayor Murray has also proposed a 1.75 cents per ounce soda tax. While that may not sound like a lot it adds up in a hurry.

Seattle considers soda tax
Real Change News | May 10th, 2017
The tax would hit distributors that work in the city, a fact that raised vocal opposition from the Teamsters Union, which transports such beverages into Seattle.

A $90 case of flavor syrups for coffee could be taxed $63 under mayor's proposal
Puget Sound Business Journal | May 5, 2017
The mayor's proposed sugary-drink tax is directed at the distributor level, but if the distributor decided not to take the hit to its bottom line, it would pass the cost on to the retailer.

Proposed beverage tax harmful to small businesses, minority communities
NW Asian Weekly | May 5, 2017
For over two decades, the Korean American Grocers’ Association (KAGRO) and the countless local grocers that it supports have been a part of the Seattle community. As small businesses already struggling with an excessive amount of taxes, fees, and regulations, we are deeply concerned about Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed tax on beverages, and the harmful consequences it will undoubtedly have on Seattle’s working class.

Seattle mayor tweaks soda tax proposal, adds diet drinks
KIRO 7 | April 27, 2017
Since making the proposal, more than 100 businesses have responded, saying it would negatively impact sales.

Seattle soda tax: I’ll shop elsewhere
The Seattle Times | April 7, 2017
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants a soda tax. If I have to pay a soda tax, and if I am planning to buy a quantity of soda, I will go to Renton or Shoreline or Bellevue, wherever doesn’t have a tax.

What happened when Congress decided to tax all soda
The Washington Post | April 6, 2017
Contrary to the claims of advocates, America's first soda tax was not a success. Soda taxes are much in the news of late, as lawmakers from Washington state to West Virginia debate the newly popular policy tool as a means of ramping up revenue and cutting soda consumption.

Concerned business owners urge Seattle mayor to rethink soda tax | April 5, 2017
More than 150 small business owners in Seattle sent a letter to the Mayor of Seattle asking him to reconsider his soda tax.

Small businesses protest Seattle mayor's plan for tax on sugary sodas
The Seattle Times | April 5. 2017
More than 150 small-business owners are calling on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to reconsider his plan for a soda tax, while a group backing the tax has enlisted heavy hitters with health-care and community-organizing expertise to rally support.

Should Seattle tax sugary drinks? Here’s what the health research says — and doesn’t say
The Seattle Times | March 13, 2017
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants a tax on sodas and other sugary drinks, in part to reduce consumption and improve health.

Soda Taxes Raise New Questions in Philly, Seattle
The Food Institute Blog | February 23, 2017
When it comes to regulatory issues in the food industry (and outside it, for that matter), it is almost impossible to please everyone. It becomes particularly complicated when the health and well-being of consumers is involved, such as in GMO labeling, removal of artificial flavors and colors, etc. That is what makes implementing sugary drink taxes and warnings so difficult.

Starbucks may have a loophole in Seattle mayor's sugary drink tax proposal
Puget Sound Business Journal | February 22, 2017
During his State of the City address, Mayor Ed Murray said he will be proposing to the City Council a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Murray expects the new tax, if approved, to raise $16 million per year to fund educational and health programs for students of color.

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