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The Voice of the People: The Growing Opposition to the Seattle Beverage Tax

"I am concerned about this beverage tax, I have already seen a significant decline in my sales and I'm curious to see how long this tax will stay in place. Hopefully we can work together to reverse this regressive tax." - Shaw Mahmoud, Cafe Zum Zum

"The beverage tax is unfair to small business owners in Seattle. I am going to stop selling sugary beverages because of this tax. Instead, I am inclined to sell drinks that are not affected by the tax. This tax will cost me time and is an inconvenience for my customers and business" - Manuel Alfau, Manu's Bodega

"It is unfair that we have had no control or say for this imposed tax. It has not only impacted my business and sales but also added onto the increasing costs of living in this city." - Abdul Malik, Gyro Hut

"In the past two weeks, I've received complaints and people refusing to buy my beverages because of the new tax. It's unfair and not good for business for smaller stores like mine." - Hyung Lee, Joy Mini Mart

"As a convenience store owner, this tax has been especially terrible for my business. I hope this tax does not stay in place" - Rani Josan, 76 (Greenwood Ave N)

"My uncle has run this store for over 25 years and this beverage tax has put a very steep cost on our business. Our customers are now refusing to purchase many of our popular beverages because of the increased prices." – Pardeep Kumar, 7-11 East Madison

"The tax makes it more difficult to do business in Seattle. I have seen customers leave their beverages at the counter and declare that they will just shop for the same products in Shoreline to save money." - David Ki, EZ Mart

"Throughout the 18 years of running my business, I have only noticed more and more costs to live within Seattle. This beverage tax is not only unfair to my small business, but will also make it even harder to live here." - Saad Ali, 99 Cents Plus

"I have worked in my store for over 12 years; this beverage tax will be a burden for my customers and my business as soon as we sell out of our drinks we bought before the tax passed." – Yohannes Zewaldi, Morning Side Grocery

"I operate this store with my family and over the past week we have seen business dropping due to much cheaper options nearby. It is no doubt this tax is unfair on smaller businesses and customers such as mine." – Gezat Tesfaye, Owner, Hamadi Market

“My business is in a lower-income neighborhood. My customers can’t afford such a high increase on everyday products, especially considering how expensive it is to live in Seattle” - Mesfin Ghebreab, Lucky One Store

“The tax is a headache for my business and my customers, who are not happy with the increase in the price of everyday drinks. Sales have already began to suffer and I can’t afford to raise food prices” – Sue Kim, By’s

"I just opened my second business in the southern part of Seattle. I'm experiencing a number of challenges operating my businesses in Seattle. The beverage tax will force me to raise prices and my customers will be incentivized to take their businesses outside of the city." – Nael Said, Paranormal Pie

“This tax has been devastating to my business. I have a bunch of soda no one wants to buy and it will expire soon. My customers can’t afford the new prices, they rather go across the street. I don’t know what to do” - Jagajit Singh, A Pizza Mart.

"It's rough being a new business owner and facing these types of taxes. My business aside, this is a disparaging attack on the low wage workers already being pinched the hardest." - Rebecca Rice, Arthur's

"The beverage tax creates an unnecessary hardship for small businesses." – Chandala Kahmnouane, Chandala Thai.

"I'm concerned my business will be forced to close soon. This tax is another example of Seattle not supporting its’ small businesses.” – Gemere Amare, Victory Market.

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