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WARNING: Higher Taxes Ahead

New Seattle Tax Sent Everyday Beverage Prices Soaring on January 1! Prices on Some Beverages are two to four times higher!

Call 1-800-397-3446 to let the City Council know how the beverage tax impacts YOU.

Earlier this year, the Seattle City Council turned its back on neighborhood business owners and working-class families with a job-killing beverage tax that drives up prices and worsens income inequality in Seattle. City officials acknowledged that this tax targets low-income and minority communities but they rushed ahead with the tax anyway without resolving many questions about how it will work.

The result? Seattle residents who can least afford this tax will be hurt the most. Despite the health claims used by the City Council to justify this new tax, the fact is that beverage taxes have never been shown to improve public health anywhere else they’ve been tried. The evidence is clear that these types of taxes only make people's lives harder and their cities less livable.

Take action now & tell the City Council to end Seattle’s unfair beverage tax today.


New Report: The Economic Impact of Philadelphia's Beverage Tax

In January 2017, Philadelphia implemented a 1.5 cent per ounce tax (PBT) on all sweetened beverages – even those with no calories. The impact means that Philadelphia will lose an estimated 1,190 jobs, $54 million in labor income, and $80 million in annual GDP. We can't let the same thing happen here in Seattle.

Please also see here for an infographic that lays out the key highlights of the study.



Keep Seattle Livable For All

A coalition of local small businesses and Seattle residents urging the City Council to consider the damaging effects of such an intrusive beverage tax.


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